Bronzy is a Bronze Wing Pionus and shares his life with Azzie, a Sun Conure. Bronzy has an old wing injury that prevents him from flying. He is a bit afraid of hands. Azzie is a friendly little bird who enjoys head scratches and spending time on his human. These two have been together for many yrs. and must be adopted together. They do share a cage.
Trabella is a hybrid Conure who is semi tame. She could be a sweetheart with a little work.
baby & Birdie are a bonded pair of Quaker parrots. Both are tame and enjoy human company or each others company. They must be adopted together
Bonnie is a lovable 21 yr old female Umbrella Cockatoo. She is lovable and tame but like most Cockatoos she is demanding of attention.
Blue is a male B&G Macaw. He tends to be a one person bird and must get to know you 1st. Blue has had a hard life and has lots of attitude. He needs an experienced bird person. Blue has plucked badly for so many years it is doubtful he will ever grow new feathers due to follicle damage. Once he chooses you he is the most cuddly, precious bird you will ever meet!
Teedo is an fully grown Quaker parrot. He is hand tame but is typical Quaker and does not like hands inside his cage. If allowed to come out on his own he will then step up.
Kizmet is an full grown Nanday Conure. We have very little history on him and he does have a tremor that's neurological in nature, probably from an old head injury.
Paco is an fullgrown, male Yellow Nape Amazon. He prefers to just spend time with you rather than receive scratches or cuddles.
Tiko is an fully grown male Umbrella Cockatoo. He prefers women and will bite men.
Shilo is an fullgrown, male Blue & Gold Macaw who is hand tame. He came from a multi bird household and does well with other birds his size.
Buffy is an fullgrown, female Blue & Gold Macaw. She is hand tame and has a definite preference for men.
Lexi is an fullgrown Jardines parrot who is a total sweetheart with women. We are still trying to determine if he does not like men or just didn't like the man in his previous home. He has a beak deformity that will require beak trims by a veterinarian. This picture shows how it overgrows and why it will need frequent trims.
Vacca is an fully grown Yellow Collar macaw. He is tame and goes to most anyone.